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Student Activities

The purpose of the extracurricular activities program shall be to provide opportunities to students for service, pleasure, academic enrichment, leadership and development of individual and group responsibility.  We have an activity that should appeal to everyone.

Activities Calendar

Advisor:  Linette Chaloka, Michelle Duffy
Email:  [email protected][email protected]
Club Information: The purpose of the Student Council is to show school pride, provide for appropriate action in response to the needs and demands of the student body and to organize student affairs, through participation in representative government.  Student Council is in charge of Homecoming week and dances, various fundraising projects and generally representing Glenbard South at community functions. In addition, the Student Union participates in student leadership opportunities and various community service projects organized and designed within a given year.

Advisor: Louise Loewer  
Club Information:  To represent the freshman class and promote spirit and unity.

Advisor: Omar Graham
Email: [email protected]
Club Information:  To represent the sophomore class and promote spirit and unity.

Advisor:  Ruben Rodriguez
Club Information:  To represent the junior class and promote spirit and unity.

Advisor:  TBA
Email:  TBA
Club Information:  To represent the senior class and promote spirit and unity.

Advisor:  Laurence Conn
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information:  The Bass Fishing Club encourages camaraderie, sportsmanship, integrity, conservation, and development of the skills and knowledge needed to be successful competitive anglers.  THE CLUB IS OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS.

Advisor:  Carmen Teague
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: A club that celebrates African-American history, culture, music, and current events! We will participate in learning activities, fun activities, and special events! THE CLUB IS OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS.

Advisor:   Michael Douglas 
Email:  [email protected][email protected]
Club Information: Best Buddies is a nation-wide program that establishes one-on-one pairing of students to enhance individuals with special needs and a “peer buddy” in both their abilities to: 1) build friendships, 2) develop social skills, 3) gain self-confidence, and 4) to become leaders. 

Advisor:  Diane Mankowski
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information:The Book Club Mission Statement is to expand members’ personal literary experience by reading and discussing works chosen by the students in a friendly and open atmosphere. The club provides a safe and welcoming environment for teens to develop a lifelong interest in and appreciation for reading and learning. All are welcome.

Advisor:  TBA
Email:  TBA
Club Information: To develop knowledge on how to use tactics and strategies, have fun and a challenging experience and meet a lot of new people.

Advisor:  Cynthia McManus
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: Cooking4Kids is a volunteer based club that is centered around cooking at the Ronald McDonald House, helping those that are struggling and going through traumatic times.

Advisor: Jessica Keuth, Ellen Hill
Email:  [email protected], [email protected]
Twitter: @gbstheatre, Instagram: @gbstheatre, Facebook
Club Information: Drama presents main stage productions during the year including a fall musical, a winter production and a spring play. Students with enough service hours may be eligible for Drama Honor Society. 

Advisor:  Michelle Antonelli
Email: [email protected]
Club Information: To develop an appreciation and better understanding of environmental issues through activities and projects.

Advisor:  Alivia Guagenti
Email:  [email protected] (out-of-building sponsor)
Club Information: An integral part of the Marching Raider Band for all home varsity football games, pep rallies, and various community and national marching band festivals.

Advisor:  Melissa Pero
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: To allow enthusiasts of languages to come together to learn and explore other cultures.   The club meets for conversation and cultural activities such as celebrations of special holidays, food tasting, or informal presentations.

Advisor:  Candace Vickers, Thomas Nussbaum
Email:  [email protected], [email protected]
Club Information: The Forensics & Debate Team (Speech Team) competes with teams throughout the state from the end of October to the end of February.  Anyone who is interested in Acting, Oral Interpretation and Public Speaking competition is invited to come out for the team during the second week of the school year.   Competition is held in Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous and Dramatic Duet Acting, Poetry Reading, Prose Reading, Original Comedy, Radio Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Oratory, Impromptu Speaking and Special Occasion Speaking.  

Advisor: Thomas Kallas
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: French Club is the place to meet students of all grades and levels who are interested in the language and culture of France and the French-speaking world. Activities may include: movie nights in the auditorium, designing club T-shirts, fundraisers for children in need, trick-or-treating for canned goods, and a visit to a local French restaurant.

Advisor:  Cindy Demos
Club Information:  The FTA club is for students interested in joining the education profession.  Students will be taken on field trips to visit colleges and local schools to in order to observe and learn what it may be like to be a teacher.   All students are welcome!

Advisor: Amanda Raymond
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information:  The mission of the Gender Equality Club is to bring together students dedicated to shedding light on issues of gender inequality through conversations, research.  All students are welcome come and learn.!

Advisor:  TBA
Email:  TBA
Club Information: Glenbard South Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter is affiliated with Habitat for Humanity International. The students who join this organization will fundraise, participate in Habitat activities and work at building sites to help their community members find affordable housing.

Advisor:  Karen Zajac
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: To inform students, faculty and the community about what is happening at Glenbard South and the world.   Online Newspaper can be found at:

Advisor:  Steve Govertsen
Club Information: A community and school service club that takes an active role in assisting individuals and groups at Glenbard South, in DuPage County and throughout the area. Student members develop leadership through involvement with the Glen Ellyn Kiwanis Club and other service clubs throughout the community.

Advisor:  Gloria Chapa-Resendez
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: Our club’s goal is to raise cultural awareness in the community. We are about the celebration and education of Latino culture. Our activities help share information with our community.

Advisors: Michael White
Emails:  [email protected]
Club Information: Our goal is to promote “Raider Pride” within the school community. This club is an enthusiastic organization dedicated to promoting school spirit and good will at Glenbard South.  Students must be nominated by a staff member to participate.

Advisor: Elizabeth Tilley, Haresh Harpalani, Bob Dobosz
Email:  [email protected], [email protected]
Club Information: The Glenbard South Math Team encourages interest in mathematics and teaches students various methods of creative problem solving at all grade levels.  All students are welcome!

Advisor:  Zachary Wilson
Email:  [email protected] (out-of-building sponsor)
Club Information: Students learn about trial procedures. They are assigned a case that they will be arguing and act as lawyers, judges, witnesses, and the jury. The students practice their communication skills and higher order critical thinking skills. The advisor guides the students through preparation for trial, trial procedures and prepare for trial court roles within the case.

Advisor: Stephanie Wallace
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: To support the audio-visual and multimedia needs of the school community while providing a creative outlet for students.

Advisor:  Ruth Homan
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: To promote scholarship, service, leadership, and character among all high school students, using those selected for membership in NHS as peer models for all other students. Further emphasis is placed upon involvement in altruistic service to school and community.  Must be a junior student.

Advisor: Ellen Hill
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information:  Orchesis encourages students of all class levels to develop fundamental dance skills, choreograph individual and group numbers, and learn about different types of dance. This is non-competitive club.

Advisor:  Jason_Younglove
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: Anime refers to a popular style of animation that originated and continues to be practiced in Japan. Like any entertainment medium, the story lines represent most major genres of fiction. Anime often draws influence from comic books, light novels and other cultures. Some anime storylines have been adapted into live action films and television series. Anime Club meets after school to watch different styles of Anime each week. All .are welcome to attend.   

Advisor:  Lisa Cooper
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: PEP Club is the Ultimate School Spirit Club from supporting our teams and all other clubs with their events to creating overall school spirit from surveys to Spirit Store. PEP Club meets twice a week on Mondays & Thursdays right after school in the Bookstore. All are welcome to attend.

Advisor:  Emma Cecchin
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: The Political Debate and Consensus Club meets to discuss a current controversial topics, work for understanding of the factual issues surrounding the topic, discover and discuss the positive, negative and neutral sides of the topic, and finally to reach some level of consensus on the topic.

This club was created to help fellow students learn how to listen to opposing views without using personal attacks, how to find and use verifiable evidence (as opposed to emotion and opinions) in argumentation, and to reach a compromise to solve the problems facing our nation and the world.

Advisor:  TBA
Email:  TBA
Club Information: PRISM unites people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.  The club will address issues regarding LGBTQ youth, fight against discrimination and acceptance of all people.

Advisor:  Karen Zajac
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: The Prom Committee will decide on the theme of prom, they are also responsible for decorations and anything else they might need to make the night complete.  Must be a junior student. Sophomores will be considered to assist with fundraising activities.

Advisor:  Lisa Cooper
Email: [email protected]
Club Information:  This club is focused around rhythmic cadence movement with hands and feet. Activities include performances at pep assemblies and various events during the year.

Advisor:  Theodore Heyduck
Email: [email protected]
Club Information: Rube Goldberg machines, complex series of mechanisms ending in a simple task. The Rube Goldberg club will allow students to design and construct a Rube Goldberg Machine. The completed machine will be entered into an annual high school competition.

Advisor:  Michael Douglas
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: Scholastic Bowl provides students an opportunity to compete with other schools at an academic level. Our goal is to remain at the top of both conference and regional competitions.

Advisor:  Alyson Steele, Ted Heyduck
Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Club Information: The Glenbard South Science Olympiad Team is a team that competes against other schools in a variety of science subjects. Our team has fun by competing in challenging experiments, tests, and/or building events. Meeting new people from our school and local schools that have similar science interests is exciting as well.

Advisor:  Suzanne Giffey-Molitor
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: Spanish Club is an organization designed for students enrolled in Spanish of all grades and levels to gather who are interested in the language, culture and the Spanish-speaking world.  Students celebrate Hispanic holidays and participate in various cultural activities.  The club has monthly meetings as well as club officers.

Advisors – Michael Douglas, Sean Hyland
Email:  [email protected], [email protected]
Club Information: Basketball is one of the top sports in Special Olympics.  Players of all ages and abilities are welcome.  For new students, they will learn ball handling and shooting skills.  For more experienced players, there will be focus on basketball moves and strategies to play a more challenging game of basketball. 

Advisor: Stephanie Wallace, Marissa Gil, Ellen Hill
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Club Information: Students participate in set design/building, painting, costumes and makeup, publicity, and lights and sound for our theatrical productions. Contact Ms. Wallace or Ms. Hill to be added to the Schoology group.

Advisors:  Tina Zupec
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: Students for Students focuses on the development of leadership and the promotion of a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle, as well as problems associated with growing up. In addition to educational events it provides activities that reinforce positive attitudes toward life. Social service opportunities, school pride events (Live Life Well Week and Red Ribbon Campaign) are highlights of this organization. In this organization students are encouraged to pursue healthy drug free lifestyles and grow in their self-esteem. It is a program operated for and by teens, with adult support.

Advisor:  James Snyder
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information: The Woodworking Club spreads the enjoyment, knowledge, and love of woodworking to the students. This club requires you to be enrolled in General Woodworking, Millworking & Cabinet Making 1 or 2 and have passed the safety test.

Advisor: Candace Vickers, Erin Doyle
Email:  [email protected], [email protected]
Club Information: The yearbook is an excellent opportunity for students to work together to capture the memories and events of the school year and provide their peers with a lasting memento that will bring cherished memories to life for years to come.  Students work together to take pictures, write captions and learn the many processes that are required to publish the annual yearbook. It is a unique opportunity for students to practice teamwork and acquire the skills necessary to successfully produce a comprehensive publication.

Advisor:  Marco Eufrasio
Email:  [email protected]
Club Information:  Youth & Government prepares students for moral and political leadership through training in the theory and practice of developing public policy.  Students write bills, then debate them in a model legislature complete with delegates, judges and members of the press at the statewide conference