Our School

Key Information

Jessica SanteePrincipal

Jessica Santee
[email protected]


Main School Phone: (630) 469-6500
Attendance: (630) 942-6684
Fax: (630) 469-6572
Deans’ Office: (630) 942-6713
Health Services: (630) 942-6682
Guidance Department: (630) 942-6648

School History

Glenbard South High School opened its doors to students for the first time in the fall of 1972. The school serves the same area as that of Community Consolidated School District 89, including areas of Glen Ellyn, Lombard and Wheaton.

Glenbard South is a member of the Upstate Eight Conference. Glenbard South’s school colors are Red, White, and Blue. Our school mascot is the Raider.

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Hail to the Mighty Raiders of Glenbard South
Through every trial, we’ll be loyal and devout.
Our glory shines for the Raiders
Red, White and Blue
We pledge ourselves to the making of
an honored Glenbard way.

As the sun will rise and the stars will shine,
we will be true to Glenbard South High
And to the mysteries that we have seen,
and to the Raiders who wave their banner high.

The red, white, and blue brings us victory.
We will treasure all our memories.
And the sun may set but the stars still shine.
We will always be a part of Glenbard South High.