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March 19, 2021
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School Day Changes Begin April 5

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April 5th – Full Schedule 8-periods each day

Beginning Monday, April 5th Glenbard South will return to our pre-pandemic 8- period day schedule. The newly released Public Health Guidance allows us to increase the number of students present on school grounds as well as serve lunches. So whether your student is currently Hybrid (A, B, or C) or fully remote, they will have a normal 8 period day schedule. Further details are bulleted below.


  • Hybrid students will attend IN-PERSON each day and will provide weekly saliva samples.
  • Remote students will remain fully remote each day.
  • Saliva samples will continue to be collected for remote students involved in athletics and activities.

Action steps!

The deadline to make this change is Sunday, March 21st. In order to choose your student’s learning plan for the remainder of the semester please do the following:

  1. Login to PowerSchool Parent
  2. Select your student at the top left
  3. Select your student’s schedule
  4. At the top of the screen click on 20-21 April Learning Plan 5.
  5. If you have previously declined saliva screening but now wish to consent, please contact your students guidance office to clear your previous selection. Once that is cleared, you may login to PowerSchool again and consent to the saliva screening.
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