August 13, 2019
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School board approves Profile of a Graduate, new mission statement

On Aug. 12, the Board of Education approved our Profile of a Graduate, “A Glenbard Graduate creates, collaborates, communicates, thinks critically, embraces diversity and is self-empowered.” See our Profile of a Graduate here

“Having a document that is visionary in nature and identifies the skills, attributes and competencies we want students to have – that’s powerful,” said Superintendent David Larson. “It is our roadmap and will prepare our graduates for infinite possibilities,” he added.

Our Profile of a Graduate Committee, a group of 64 students, parents, community members, teachers, administrators and Board of Education members, met three times during 2019 to develop the Profile.

As part of the process, we hosted a Thoughtexchange community conversation in November 2018. Thoughtexchange, an online tool, captured the thoughts of more than 1,000 community members, parents, students and staff regarding what Glenbard graduates should know and be able to do when they graduate. The responses ensured our Profile of a Graduate reflects the community’s perspective and expectations.

“We are excited about moving forward with work to support our Profile of a Graduate and each of our students,” Larson said. Next steps include defining a greater purpose in curriculum and assessment outcomes and refining competency descriptors by subject area.

The Board of Education also approved a new mission statement that complements the Profile of a Graduate: We inspire and empower each student to become a critical thinker who engages as a global citizen.

The Profile of a Graduate committee, all administrators and department chairs worked on revising our mission statement. The process involved much discussion and several iterations.

Larson reviewed the Profile of a Graduate and new mission statement with all faculty and staff members on Aug. 12. “Our Profile of a Graduate gives us a vision for what each of our students need to be successful in life,” he said.