Click the links below to see the Summer Reading 2013 choices for the grade you'll be in Fall of 2013.

Class of 2017
Class of 2015
Class of 2016
Class of 2014

As you read your book this summer, please keep track of the ideas that are important to you and any questions you would like to ask other readers. Write the notes in the book or on your own paper.
Your book must be read by August 26, 2013 (first day of school).

Forgot what book you selected? (updated May 20, 2013)

If you would like, download this graphic organizer (PDF) to help you organize your thoughts:

New students registering during the summer:
Please contact Mrs. Diane Mankowski (ext. 4291)
or Ms. Steph Wallace (ext. 4295)
with your summer reading choice when you register.

We hope that you'll read along with your child this summer and discuss the book. We are asking students to make some notes, and bring these notes and the book to the discussion groups that will be held at the beginning of the school year. If you're interested in becoming a discussion leader, we welcome volunteers. To volunteer to help with our book discussions in the fall, or if you have questions about Glenbard South 2013 Summer Reading, please contact Diane Mankowski (LRC Director) at 630-942-6691, Maryanne Lenning (English Department Chairperson) at 630-942-6656, or Marti Seaton (Reading Specialist) at 630-942-6630.

*English Honors & Advanced Placement classes have additional Summer Reading requirements.
Please see the individual grade summer reading pages for these choices.
Contact department chairperson Maryanne Lenning with questions about Honors/AP summer reading.