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General Chicago Reference Sites
American Memory ProjectLibrary of Congress - Use search term "Chicago" - Excellent for primary sources!

Chicago History Museum  and - Links to other sites

Chicago Public Library - Chicago History Resources

Chicago Stories (WTTW),7

Encyclopedia of Chicago - Extensive online reference of Chicago history

Photographs from the Chicago Daily News

PBS American Experience - Chicago: City of the Century (See the Timeline, Maps, People & Events links

PBS American Experience - Primary Sources (Olmstead, Fire, Haymarket, Labor, World's Columbian, Newspaper Headlines from 1900

Good Resources for Images

Encyclopedia of Chicago - Extensive online reference of Chicago history

History and Architecture of Chicago in Vintage Postcards - Be sure to check the dates of the images you find!

American Memory Project - Library of Congress - Use search term "Chicago" - Check dates of images/film

Resources for Background Music

Links by Topic

Big Business
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How did Chicago become the center of the meatpacking industry, and how did it affect the city and its residents (working conditions, lakefront life, etc.)?

Search Terms: Upton Sinclair, "The Jungle," Chicago Meatpacking Industry, Union Stock Yard, Philip Armour, Gustavus Swift, Illinois & Michigan Canal, Mechanical Pig Hoist

Economic Geography:

Innovation, Invention & Business:

Slaughterhouse to the World:


Union Stock Yard:

Philip Armour & the Packing Industry:

Illinois & Michigan Canal (completed in 1848):

Sinclair 1906 "Rumble over 'The Jungle'":

City Planning
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How did Chicago building construction and city planning develop after the Great Fire?
Consider street grid, gas lines, funding after the fire, plumbing, lighting, power and the planning of parks/green space.

Search Terms: green spaces, Daniel Burnham, Plan of Chicago, annexation, Louis Sullivan, Commercial Club of Chicago, Aaron Montgomery Ward and Grant Park, Forest Preserves, "City Beautiful" movement, Edward (P.) Brennan and streets, Home Insurance Building, Rand McNally Building, World's Columbian Exposition, Reliance Building, the term "Second City" (not the show!), Palmer House, Archimedes Screw

Reading: City of Big Shoulders pp. 56-62


Built Environment of the Chicago Region:

        Commercial Club of Chicago:

        Daniel Burnham: Highway Planning:
        Planning: City and Regional:

        Grant Park:

        Forest Preserves:

        "City Beautiful" movement:

        Street Naming (Grid Streets): and

        Rationalization of streets:

        Before and After the Fire:

        Sewage & drainage:

        Water Supply:
        Gas & Electricity:

        The Plan Comes Together:

Community Outreach
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What was Jane Addams’ vision for addressing the problems faced by Chicago’s immigrant population and how did it influence others to continue that tradition?

        Search Terms: Jane Addams, settlement houses, Hull House, Chicago reformers, Mary McDowell, Frances Willard, Mother Frances Cabrini, Florence Kelley,   Julia Lathrop, Hannah Greenbaum Solomon, University of Chicago Settlement House, Chicago Commons, Alice Hamilton

        Reading: A City Comes of Age p.142-143, City of Big Shoulders pp. 157-160

        The Urban Experience in Chicago:

        Hull House Museum:     

        Jane Addams exhibit:

        United Charities:

        Social Services:

        Jane Addams:,

        For images: - search Jane Addams

Consumer Culture
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How did companies based in Chicago change how people from urban and rural areas shopped?

        Search Terms: Montgomery Ward, Sears & Roebuck (Richard Sears & Alvah Roebuck), Potter Palmer, Carson Pirie Scott, Marshall Field, catalogs, mail order

        Readings: City of Big Shoulders p. 63-69,138 and Turn of the Century
        Montgomery Ward:
        Sears & Roebuck:
        Mail Order:

        Marshall Field:


The Great Chicago Fire
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How did the Great Chicago Fire and its causes impact public policy and city planning?

        Search Terms: Montgomery Ward, Sears & Roebuck (Richard Sears & Alvah Roebuck), Potter Palmer, Carson Pirie Scott, Marshall Field, catalogs, mail order

        Search in Gale Student Resource Center - Great Chicago Fire, see "Smoldering City" article, Encyclopedia Britannica
Chicago Historical Society - The Great Chicago Fire: (Essays: information. Galleries: images. Library: Primary sources)

Excerpt from Urban Disorder by Carl Smith:

Eyewitness account:

Chicago on Fire: (timeline and maps)

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How did religion affect the community, education and migration of Italian, Polish, and German immigrants in Chicago?

        Search Terms: Religious Geography, Jews, Poles, Italians, German, Irish, Parish, Synagogues, Roman Catholics, Protestants

Reading: City of Big Shoulders p. 38-39, 123-138, Chicago: Metropolis of the Mid-Continent


        Religious Geography:
        Parish Life:

        Roman Catholics:



        Neighborhood Succession:

        Italian Immigrant photos -

Labor: Haymarket Riot and Trial
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How did the Haymarket Riot and its trial affect Chicago businesses and workers, including labor unions?

        Search Terms: Eight Hour Work Day, May 1, 1886 National Strike, Albert & Lucy Parsons, August Spies, "Revenge Circular", McCormick Reaper Works,                "Chicago Idea", unionization, May Day (May 1)


        American Memory Project: Anarchists on Trial - Haymarket:

        Eight Hour Movement:

        Homicide in Chicago - Haymarket Riot:

        Haymarket Affair Digital Collection:

        The Dramas of Haymarket:
        Haymarket Affair:


        The Haymarket Bomb In Historical Context:

Labor: Pullman Strike
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What working conditions led to the Pullman Strike, and how did these events represent the challenges unions faced in securing rights for their members?

        Search Terms: George Pullman, Pullman Porters, Pullman, IL, Pullman Strike, unionism, Eugene Debs, American Railway Union

        Reading: City of Big Shoulders” p. 94-96, 188-192

        Pullman Strike: (Includes primary documents)
        Pullman Strike:

        Illinois in the Gilded Age - Labor:

        Pullman in history (short lectures on video): (scroll down to Gilded Age and look for Pullman links)

        Illinois State Museum: (scroll down to Class Debate - #3)

Leisure and Entertainment
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How did urbanization impact leisure and entertainment for Chicagoans at the turn of the century? Consider books, theaters, sports, and other leisure activities.

        Search Terms: leisure, 1893 Midway, World's Columbian Exposition, Baseball, Horse racing, Riverview amusement park, McVicker's theater,
        Eight-Hour Movement and impact on leisure, Vaudeville, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Auditorium Theater, Dance Halls (overlaps with vice), YMCA

        Entertaining Chicagoans:


        Creation of Chicago Sports:


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How did machine politics evolve in Chicago?

        Search terms: Carter Harrison I and Carter Harrison II, Joseph Medill, "Boss" system, Irish-Americans, Pullman (Railway Laws), Machine politics,
        Michael "Hinky Dink" Kenna, Bathhouse John, Gray Wolves, Chicago Aldermen

        Era of "Hinky Dink" and "Bathhouse John":


        Machine Politics:

        Gray Wolves:

        Political Culture:


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How did innovations in transportation affect the growth of industry, public transportation, and immigration in Chicago? Consider settlement patterns, getting to work, traveling within the city, and traveling to other cities.

Search Terms: street railways, rapid transit, elevated rail, the "L", commuter rail, subway, Pullman cars, Chicago transit, Columbian Exposition,
George Pullman, Charles Tyson Yerkes

Reading: Chapter 9 – “City of the Century” (p. 254), various Chicago transit books


Rapid Transit System:

Public Transportation:




The Pullman Era:


Urbanization & Living Conditions
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How did post-fire urban planning in Chicago lead to health and safety challenges, and what were some of the solutions?

Search Terms: Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal, Fredrick Law Olmstead, City Homes Association, Reversal of Chicago River, Back of the Yards, TB, Tenement Housing, Bubbly Creek, Missouri V. Illinois & Sanitary District of Chicago (1901), Public Health, Rear Houses, City Homes Association, Settlement Houses

History & Heritage of Civil Engineering: Reversal of the Chicago River

Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal Article

Epidemics in Chicago

Missouri V. Illinois Court Case - Article describing the history of river reversal and suit

Housing Conditions


Public Health

Rear Houses

Back of the Yards

City Homes Association

Water Supply

Clinics and Dispensaries

Tuberculosis (Glackin Tuberculosis Law)

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How did the challenges of Chicago city dwellers at the turn of the century result in the growth of the Levee District?

Search Terms: Vice, prostitution, saloons, vice district, gambling houses, vice commission, Levee district, "The Social Evil in Chicago" report, Freiburg's dance hall, "Local Option" law, Everleigh Club, "Bloody" Maxwell Street, Caroline Victoria Watson

Homicide in Chicago:

Vice Commissions:

Vice Districts:



"Local Option" law:


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How did some influential women use their experience and/or place in the world to advocate for societal change?

Search Terms: Frances Willard, Bertha Honore Palmer, Margaret Haley, Sophia Hayden, Agnes Nestor, Florence Kelley, Child Labor,
Women's Christian Temperance Union, Suffrage, World's Columbian Exposition Board of Lady Managers

Women's Clubs:

Women's Christian Temperance Union:

The Great Migration and the 1919 Race Riot
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How was the residential make-up of Chicago influenced by the Great Migration, and why did conflicts arise between African-American and white Chicagoans?

In Gale U.S. History in Context, search for: Chicago Riots of 1919 , Red Summer,  "Excerpt of the Negro in Chicago" (The Immigrant Experience), Race Riots (Use Race Riots (U.S.), 1917-1923), Chicago Defender

In Encyclopedia Britannica, search for: Chicago Race Riot of 1919, Great Migration, Robert S. Abbott

Great Migration (Reasons): Illinois State Museum -

Chicago: Destination for the Great Migration - Library of Congress -

"Goin' To Chicago" video clips and info -

Homicide in Chicago: Race Riots -

Carl Sandburg on the Chicago Race Riots:
(Entire book at

Chicago Race Riots (WTTW):,7,1,1,33

Encyclopedia of Chicago: Events of 1919 -

Chicago Defender Distribution 1919 -

Causes of the Chicago Race Riot (paper by Walter White of NAACP) -

Racism, Ethnicity and White Identity -

African Americans:

Chicago Defender:

Great Migration:

Urban League:

Provident Hospital:

"Black Belt":

Race Riots:

Race Divisions on Public Beaches:

South Side:


Photo of the Beginning of the Race Riot:

Political Cartoon:

From Library of Congress, Chicago Race Riots: